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For clients referred by their own veterinary practice, please see the following referral form


For Referring Veterinarians

Thank you for referring your clients to BBEVS. We are committed to providing a personal and compassionate service for our clients and a high standard of medical care for our patients.

We strive to achieve prompt communication with our referring veterinarians and we provide a detailed synopsis of each case. This will be faxed and mailed to the referring practice after discharge of a hospitalised patient or within a week of the consultation with the client.

As we consult by appointment and in order to ensure the client is seen in a timely fashion, we advise either the referring practice or the client to contact us on (07) 3217 3533 as soon as possible. Once an appointment is made we will request a copy of the medical history. We encourage the referring veterinarian to complete a referral form prior to the patient’s arrival, where referring veterinarians can select the preferred method of communication.


For Clients Wanting Referral

We strongly recommend clients discuss referral with their primary care veterinarian. We are then able to discuss your pet’s case with the veterinarian and have access to previous examinations and treatments.