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Avian and Exotics House Call Service

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Dr Emma is currently on maternity leave. During this time, we will be unable to offer a House Call service to any new or existing clients. Upon Dr Emma’s return in October 2024, we will re-open our House Call service for all new and existing clients. We thank you for your understanding during this time and we wish Dr Emma and her new bundle of joy nothing but happiness.

BBEVS is excited to announce to start of our Avian and Exotics House Call service. This service will allow clients to have an experienced avian and exotic Veterinarian visit their home to perform veterinary assessments on their animals. The specialised equipment required to appropriately assess avian and exotic patients will be brought to your door to ensure an appropriate and thorough assessment is performed.


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The Veterinarian

Dr Emma has worked at BBEVS for over 10 years and has a wealth of experience with avian and exotic medicine. At this stage, Dr Emma is the only veterinarian performing this service, but we are hoping to expand this in future.


How it Works

House call bookings are made through the clinic. Book early as we anticipate that Dr Emma will be very popular. You will be booked a estimated time slot, however the exact time that Dr Emma will arrive may vary slightly pending the previous appointments. Dr Emma will send you an SMS with a more exact ETA as she leaves her previous appointment.

House calls are best suited for health checks, simple revisit appointments, and husbandry assessments. They are not suitable for sick animals or very large, unpredictable or aggressive animals.

Dr. Emma

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To be eligible to book an appointment with us you must be up to date with your COVID vaccination, remain masked and maintain social distancing where possible. Dr Emma will ask to see your proof of vaccination as she arrives, and can share hers.

In unforeseen circumstances such as staff illness, you will be contacted and your appointment will be rescheduled.


Benefits of a house call: 

  • No travel stress for you or your pet
  • Allows an assessment of the home environment
  • Increased time flexibility (appointments can be booked as early as 8am)
  • Multiple animals can be assessed without you having to bring them all to the clinic (only one call out fee is charged per visit, in addition to the consultations)



The cost of a home visit is the consultation fee plus a set travel cost, calculated on distance.

The minimum appointment that can be booked is for 30 minutes ($153.00). If a single recheck (15 minute) appointment is required, it will be charged as a standard 30 minute appointment ($153.00).


Consultation fee:

  • $153.00 for a standard 30 minute appointment
  • $95.00 for a standard 1-3 month recheck (including medical management plans) – NOTE if only booking one of these it will be charged as $153 (the minimum consult charge)
  • $79.00 for a standard <1 month recheck – NOTE if only booking one of these it will be charged as $153 (the minimum consult charge)


Travel costs (fee incurred in addition to the consultation fee):

  • 0-5km from the practice – $43
  • 5-10km from the practice – $61
  • 10-15km from the practice – $79
  • 15-20km from the practice – $97
  • 20-25km from the practice – $115

Last updated February 2022

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